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 About Conference

Specific Objectives of The Conference :


To help participants to develop an insight into and an understanding of the issues and ensuing debate around new trends and strategies in the provision of continuing education.

To help participant to understand and appreciate the evolution and relationships of society and technical means:

To  provide participants with evidence from research findings and practice on the current state of the debates and discourses in new technology application to continuing education studies, that will redound to the promotion of positive  attitudes and abilities in the proper use of these new tools, techniques and resources.

To encourage participants to embrace creative and innovative solutions to current and future practices in the transfer of knowledge to continuing education learners.

To assist participants in exploring and developing an awareness of the human potentials related to the use of technology in all areas of life.

To assist participants in gaining awareness of the importance of adjusting to the changing educational environment that is possible with the use of new technological trends and learning strategies in continuing education studies.

To assist participants to recognize problems and opportunities existing with the new trends and strategies.


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